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She puts her sissy trainee into a pair of panties and pink pumps before he worships Her feet. When he doesn't do a good enough job She whips him across the back as he kisses Her toes. She has her sissy suck on Her toes some more, then decides to put him onto Her standing stockade. his neck, wrists, and ankles are handcuffed to the uncomfortable torture device while a large dildo pushes against his asshole. She paddles sissy's ass while he is locked on the stockade. Wearing just pink panties and heels. sissy wiggles, whimpers, and struggles but can't escape. She paddles sissy's ass to a nice rosy-red color while he screams on the stockade, then uses Her single tail whip till She breaks the skin. sissy is screaming much too loud so he is ball-gagged before his torture continues. She whips her sissy some more while She interrogates him, asking if the sissy is going to be a good cocksucker for her. sissy tries to answer through his ball gag but is sobbing and choking uncontrollably from the overload of pain and humiliation. She just laughs and paddles his ass with Her oak paddle before torturing his nipples with her clamps. She steps up her slave's sissy training. She pulls his panties down and shoves the dildo that is bolted onto the stockade up his ass. sissy is then methodically whipped as he is forced to ride the dildo like the little sissy slut he is. Her male friend is due to arrive any minute to have his dick sucked by sissy. She prepares sissy for his arrival by jamming the dildo up sissy's ass harder and twisting his nipple clamps as She beats him with a riding crop. She gives sissy a good lecture about how he is to be a good cocksucker for Her. Satisfied that sissy is in a proper submissive mood, She begins to take him off the stockade and get him into position to please the horny male guest. She takes Her sissy slave off the stockade and straps him onto Her cocksucking bench just in time for sissy's first customer, who is knocking at the door. Customer Number One enters and She removes sissy's ball gag so he can put his mouth to use. Customer Number One is horny, and hands Her payment for a quick blowjob from sissy slut. He beats sissy over the head with his hard cock and slaps sissy's face while sissy desperately tries to get his cock starved lips around the rock hard penis. Through with fun and games, Customer Number One gets down to business and fucks sissy's mouth hard while She holds sissy's head in place. Customer Number One has a long satisfying orgasm thanks to sissy's cocksucking skills. sissy's first customer leaves, and She wastes no time getting sissy prepared for Customer Number Two. She whips him mercilessly, all the while lecturing him that he is to be a good obedient sissy and expert cocksucker to make Her more money. sissy's torture is interrupted because Customer Number Two knocks at the door. He only pays Her $20, but is willing to pay more in tips depending on sissy's performance. Customer Number Two gets a boner after seeing sissy beaten into submission and tied to the cocksucking bench, so he shoves his cock deep into sissy's mouth. She decides to rent sissy out as his sex slave for the night, giving the horny customer permission to do whatever he wants to sissy. Happy that sissy is well taken care of, She leaves the moaning, whimpering sex slave in the capable hands of Customer Number Two as She leaves to go to a party.

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